Our Team

Ron Tonetti
With more than 3 decades of painting and mechanical experience, Ron has followed his passion ever since he got out of high school. Showing an aptitude and a great love for motorcycles as an artistic medium, in 1999 he decided to turn that passion into a career and opened up
Robert Korona
When word spread of the quality work that was being performed at the shop, spring and summer work soon began to outpace what Ron could handle on his own. Enter Robert. Robert is a master Harley mechanic who has worked along side Ron for as long as he had been working on bikes.
Shift Manager
Probably the most experienced member of the NHC Team, Bubs has been keeping up team spirits for many years now. With a passion for going outside, and back inside, his mastery of time management is unequaled in his position. His hobbies include being petted, being a good boy, and making