Professional Parts Installation


You know that note that comes with pretty much every part known to man? The one that reads something like: “Professional installation recommended.” The one that you wished you would have listened to┬ábefore you turned your glorious bike into a mangled pile of parts of your garage floor. Yeah that one.

We’ve all done it. You get your new and awesome exhaust/handlebars/parts home and you rush into the garage with your trusty wrench and socket set in hand! Ten minutes in and you have all the old parts off and in a pile next to the trash can. It then sets in, slowly at first, as you try to move the new parts into place and nothing is lining up, that a mistake may have been made. And as you sit there, sifting through the pile of old parts, desperately looking for a clue, cursing yourself for not taking a single disassembly picture, you grudgingly think to yourself “So this is why they put that note in there..”

No need to worry now though! RT’s has got you covered! With years of experience, they have seen it all. And though they may smirk a bit, as you walk through the door with your box of parts, old and new alike inside. “We’ve all been there” They’ll reassure you. “We got this.” They’ll say as you head back out again. And away you shall be, with the confidence that the job is going to get done right the first time! Er, umm, the second time.. But that’s ok! As long as it’s done right!